Tech Trek Alumnae Club

TTAG is back!!!!

Tech Trek Alumnae Group is back after a COVID hiatus.  On October 15th a group of alumnae and parents toured the Palm Springs Air Museum and enjoyed a lecture on the history and science of flight. They were able to view the many historic planes and the new arrival– Walt Disney’s personal plane. It was a very enthusiastic group who also shared a lunch with several AAUW members.  Thank you to Gail Aune, Louise Kermode and Carol Marcus for their assistance.   The Tech Trek Alumnae committee is looking for new members to help organize events to further our Tech Trek students’ interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into their futures. Contact Janet Braslow if interested in helping at

Is the best part of Tech Trek being part of the Alumnae Club? It might be! We continue the learning that began at Tech Trek Camp for our alumnae.

Tech Trek Alumni 2019 hike

Continuing and building on the relationships forged at Tech Trek Camp is what our Alumnae Club is all about!  Our November 2 event was hosted by the Friends of the Desert Mountains at The Visitor Center on Highway 74. Seven Tech Trek girls and their mom, along with AAUW members, Peggy Shippen and Marsha Riley, and I went on a private guided 1.5-mile hike in our beautiful desert mountains.

Wish you were here! TT Alumni 2019

We learned about the desert plants and their ecological importance here in the desert. After the hike we enjoyed a catered lunch on the patio of the facility and then were treated to a lecture on bats and met our new best friends, a lizard and rosy boa!  This program was not only fun but gave the girls an opportunity to see another STEM career in action! Many thanks to my committee member, Kathy Zeidel, who gave me the connection to the Visitor Center and graciously made follow-up calls to all of our Tech Trek alumni to encourage attendance. Our next event will be in Spring 2020.

Peggy Mengel

Tech Trek Alumni Club Chair

2017 – The Tech Trek Alumnae Club was off to a “roaring” start with our first event at The Living Desert on November 17. This educational and fun event included talks with staff about STEM careers at The Living Desert, a guided tour of the Veterinary Hospital and a Zoo Keeper Chat at the African Wild Dog display.  Then we had time to explore the grounds and enjoy visiting the animals.  The bighorn sheep and giraffes were instant favorites!  It was a beautiful day to learn more about this incredible venue and build camaraderie and friendships with our TT girls.  In attendance from 2014 was Emely Rocha, from 2016 we had Sarah Peterson and Leah Morena and from 2017 we had Lilana Villalpando-Lua, Munashe Powell and Belen Martiez-Rios.