2023-2025 Branch Officers Installed

Four officers were recently elected to serve two-year terms: Kathy Farber, President; Shelley Mitchell, Secretary; Judy Schurr, President-Elect; Laura Eaton, Vice President Program.

2023-2024 Leadership Team

Position Name
President: Kathi Farber
President-Elect: Judy Schurr
Vice President-Program: Laura Eaton
Vice President-Membership: Sharron Cantarini
Co-Vice President-Fundraising: Amy Dailey
Co-Vice President-Fundraising: Gina Rotolo
Secretary: Shelley Mitchell
Financial Officer: Christine Anderson
Tech Trek Coordinator: Janet Braslow
Interest Group Coordinator: Marsha Riley
Publicity Coordinator: Susan Rosenberg
Public Policy Coordinator: Gayle Cox
Tech Trek Treasurer: Phyllis Dunn
TTAG Chair: Aurora Wilson
Grant Writer: Carol Marcuse
Nominating Chair: Linda Rudolph
Meeting Chair: Martha Blackburn
Newsletter Editor: Shelley Mitchell
Website Manager: Judy Schurr
Directory Editor: Judy Schurr
Zoom Co-Chairs: Shelley Mitchell and Judy Schurr